A brief history of Slot Engineering: Crucial Data

How did the First Slot games Enter the Market?

People worldwide are ready to spend their free time gambling. It seems to be a justified scheme to run away from humdrum reality and to visit exciting and magic virtual Universes. But who was the inventor and when did slot machines enter the market? It is a story we will try to tell! According to some evidence, the first model of a well-known slot machine was produced in USA in 1892 or 1891 by Sittman and Pitt. This prototype was a new way to play a well-known card game – poker. The slot machine had 5 reels that featured 50 card faces. Soon this machine became very popular and was played all over bars in Brooklyn.

According to some other evidence, the first slot that remind of a modern slot machine was constructed four years earlier, when the American named Charles Fey shown his prototype called “The Liberty Bell Machine”. There was a noticeable distinction between the named devices. The Liberty Bell featured a specific function of handing out winnings based on the outcome of the game right away, but the machine designedby Sittman and Pitt was not equipped with such an option. It had much more possible combinations owing to the five reels instead of three and it used the cards instead of of just a few icons.

It allowed the Liberty Bell prototype to gain more popularity than the invention of Sittman and Pitt. Anyway, both of these machines were invented and put in bars and saloons. Disregarding this nuance, the Liberty Bell was the game that actually gave birth to the slot games obsession. A lot of companies began to produce their own version and that was the moment when slot machines started to gain popularity worldwide.

Distinction Between Classic and Video Slots

All slot games can be segregated into two general categories:

  • Classic slot games
  • Video slot games.

Before you go further, have a look at free slot machines.

Classic slot games

A classic slot game typically is a category of game that is provided with 3 reels that you can spin and classic symbols, that include sevens, bars, bells of freedom, cherry and some other symbols. These slots are connected with the traditional 3-reel slots usually referred to as one-armed bandits. As opposed to the early 3-reel slot games, modern slots offer you a lot gameplays. They provide players with a lot of diverse bonuses and progressive winnings. Commonly in the classic machine there is only 1 line to make bets, but depending on the type of slot the number of paylines reaches up to five. Particular slot machines remind of machines with a considerable reel rotation speed and impressive maximum bets.

Video slot games

Video slot machine is a type of slots, in which instead of the analogue reels with icons a certain software is utilized. Video slot machine is a themed game with a special sound effects, attractive images and different bonuses on the drums as well as additional screens. The first video machine was released in 1976 in California. Nowadays it is more demanded than classic slot games (due to the progressive instruments and impressive graphics).

The Other Known Way To Differentiate Slots

Also, there are some other ways to rank slots. One of the ways is the segregation which connected with the number of reels:

  • three-reel machines
  • 5-reel slot games
  • seven-reel slot games
  • nine-reel slots

Three-reel slots

3-reel slot games are typical among the classical machines. If to be meticulous this number of reels was used in the Liberty Bell, that was referred to above.

Five-reel slot games

5-reel slots seem to be the most well-known machines, considering the fact that they are commonly characterized by an engaging gameplay and offer the players many bonus features. The 5-reel devices offer the gamblers a bigger number of line to make bets than the classical three-reel slots, and their number might vary from 50 to 100. Among the possible bonuses are free spins, bonus agmes (both on the drums and on the second screen) and – in addition – the chance to multiply the credits gained. A few 5-reel slots have a chance to hit a progressive jackpot. When you visit online casinos, you may find various five-reel video slot machines facilitated with animations, captivating topics, attractive design and original music.

Seven-reel machines

Seven-reel slot machines are the advanced solution in the entire area of online gaming. Commonly the 7-reel models provide the gamblers with no bonus options and no additional symbols. In these types of slots the number of lines to place bets is up to ten. The number of pictures on the reels differs from the 5-reel model. Playing 7-reels machines is not that easy, but the possibilities to win the jackpot are higher in comparison to the classic devices (where all the symbols are counted from the left to the right).

Nine-reel machines

Nine-reel slot machine is an new model in the industry of online casinos. Noticeable, a normal 9-reel model resembles a three-reel machine. The dissimilarity is that each slot game with the images that are visible on the screen rotates on its own. Habitually, nine-reel device offers the gamblers not just diagonal and horizontal line prizes, but also vertical. In these sorts of slot games there are bonus features and a progressive awards system, due to which a person may win the jackpot more often than in a case of gambling on additional machines.

Online Instruments in Slot Games Gambling. Online technologies are step-by-step being integrated into the slots realm. First of all, Fortune Coin C. released the advanced slot games that allowed the players to pay with bills not coins. Moreover, numerous bonus games became available, which suddenly became the modern solution. A lot of people were becoming the fans of making wagers on online slots.

Slot machines that you know today are based on those prototypes introduced many decades ago. But, new slot games are more progressive. They are facilitated with the advanced programs, which is being improved often. The most well-known slots mostly have the digital RNG programs and offer the players a vast array of bonus opportunities. It is the cashless technology that made quick and effortless bets and payouts possible. Slot games prove to be the most demanded type of gambling in the whole games of chance sphere and make grow any casino’s income by 30 per cent.

Try not to forget that the online slot machines area is becoming more and more popular and faces a never-ending improvement, so as the result each individual can find the slot satisfying all his/her desires.

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